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This high-end fabric store needed a website to showcase their products. A custom built backend inventory system was also required to manage all the products.

Challenges and Solutions

With the large amount of products, the challenge was creating a management system that was robust, scalable, yet easy to use. In addition, user administration with full user access control needed to be created.

The large amount of diversity of within the products created a challenge with categorization. Eurofab needed the ability to create any category and associated sub-categories, and edit or remove them in real-time. The system needed to be flexible enough to handle all use cases, yet easy enough to use for the staff.


Product Management

Eurofab's entire inventory that appears on the store front is managed by an administrator back-end. Staff can add categories, sub-categories, product images, and even custom fields.

Staff can also create photo galleries to showcase their product line.


Fully Responsive

Though initially designed for desktop, the site was re-configured at a later stage for tablet and mobile.