Hypersport Auto

Custom built marketing website for an automotive detailing shop.


Hypersport Auto is a car detailing shop and service centre. As a new business, they needed to have a brand created as well as an online presence. The website needed to market the company and showcase their services.

Challenges and Solutions

Getting the right look and feel for this website was a challenge. Hypersport Auto wanted to convey an elite business, requesting a look which was high-end and sophisticated.

Through many iterations, the final design concept featured a bold, high contrast colour palette, 3D styled buttons, and high-tech imagery.


Logo Design

The logo and website design needed to have a consistent look and feel. A bold font was selected finished with a 3D chrome texture. The silhouette of a sports car was used as a tie in to the business sector they serviced.



A full and concise list of services needed to be provided. Pre-packaged detailing options are shown side-by-side to allow customers to compare and make an educated decision on which package best suits their needs.


Book an Appointment

Appointments for car service can be booked online. A custom form was created which sent the data to an email address. A staff member would then contact the customer and set up an appointment date.