Cross platform blockchain wallet, exchange, markets and news - all in one app.


Jaxx.io is primarily a marketing vehicle for the cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx Liberty. In addition, the website highlighted some of the unique features of the wallet and included download links for all compatible devices.

The challenge of this project was not on the design itself, but in the business sector that the product was in - the cryptocurrency space. This sector is extremely intimidating and technical, so communicating the complexity to the average user needed careful consideration.

Challenges and Solutions

The cryptocurrency space is wrought with complexity. The challenge in marketing a cryptocurrency product is in educating the average user what the product does and how it works.

The solution was to avoid the overly technical aspect of cryptocurrency and focus only on that which the user needs to be exposed to. Removing the intimidation factor ultimately instills confidence.


Showcasing the App

The cryptocurrency space is filled with a plethora of products and services, which can be confusing to the average person. Showcasing the app in the hero image removes any ambiguity as to what is being marketed.

A call-to-action download button allows the user to directly download and install the app.


Highlighting the Strengths

Most cryptocurrency wallets (at the time) only supported a handful of assets. The main strength of this wallet is that it supports over 80 assets. Secondary strengths are listed below the hero image.


Fully Responsive

Utilizing a 12-grid system ensured that most pages could easily be adapted for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewport sizes.