Fully responsive bitcoin exchange with multi-currency support.


Omniwallet is a cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin wallet. Users can create a wallet for free and start exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. They can also view their transaction history, send and receive cryptocurrency, and manage their assets.

The Process

The process for this project involved 4 stages - competitor research, low fidelity wireframes, visual designs, and design hand-offs.


1. Competitor Research

Research was done on three cryptocurrency exchanges (Kraken, Quadriga, and Bittrex) who were direct competitors to Omniwallet at the time. Each exchange's strengths and weaknesses were explored. The outcome of the research established MVP features and helped identify opportunities to help set Omniwallet apart from the competition.

2. Low Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframes for this project started with each section's landing page, then focused on the sub-pages. The wireframes were presented to the stakeholders, then revised based on feedback.


3. Visual Designs

Various designs were explored with careful consideration given to pie charts and data tables. The visual designs were presented to the stakeholders at various stages, then revised based on feedback.


4. Design Hand-Offs

After the visual designs were signed off on, the final designs were handed off to the front-end developer. A style guide was provided with fonts, colours, and button states. All artwork was designed using Photoshop. Only PSD files needed to be delivered to the developer for implementation.

Challenges and Solutions

This project was a re-skin of an existing product.

The existing product was designed by developers and too technical in nature. The challenge was two-fold. Resources and budget were at a minimum, so I needed to design within these contraints. The goal was to update the visuals and improve the user experience, especially for first-time users.


Logo Design

I proposed an update to their existing logo. Using their brand colours as a base, I wanted to give their logo a high-tech, yet warm sentiment.


Tabular Data for Mobile

Large data tables always present a problem for mobile devices due to the lack of horizontal space. Data is represented one row at a time, repeating for each data set on a column, rather than opting for the left-right scroll pattern.



Fully Responsive

Utilizing a 12-grid system ensured that most pages could easily be adapted for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewport sizes.